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  1. Denny’s is hoping the second time is the charm as it attempts to re-create the success of last year’s Grand Slam breakfast giveaway promotion that it advertised during the Super Bowl.

    The casual-dining chain will run an ad during Super Bowl XLIV between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints, announcing that customers can come to participating restaurants on Feb. 9, from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. for free Grand Slam breakfasts, Nation’s Restaurant News reported.

  2. I just wanted to tell you… thank you for sharing your site with me!! I check it out just about every day!! I got my first freebie in the mail the other day (Powerbar gel blasts energy chews) and they were DE-LISH!!!! My kids even loved the taste! We also went to Denny’s (thanks to you) and my kids were so happy to get to go out for breakfast before school (and I was happy it was free!!). Anyway.. thanks again and keep up the great work!!

  3. do you still have the coupons for the game cards that was $4 off? (i think it was for uno, picturika and others)

    • Yes! You can still print them off at Hasbro Playsaver! Just see my post HERE for the information. Let me know if you have any trouble getting them. These are awesome coupons so I hope you can get them to use!

  4. I just found this page and i got to tell you i wish there were more people like you, sharing like this you dont see often now ill have to get my fiance to use this useful site to save daddy a buck or to Thanks Dave

  5. Do you ever post contests from other companies on your blog? The company I work for is running a contest for a $5,000 Office Makeover. Let me know and I’ll send you the info.

    • Hey Suzanne, I actually would love to share with all my readers. Once I get to a certain readership level, the companies will also provide giveaways for the blog in the future. I think that would be great, thanks so much for sharing. If you want to email me the information that would be great.

  6. Re: Tropicana Juicy Rewards –
    I just wanted to share the great deals that can be had with the Juicy Rewards. Needing something to do on “spring break” with the kids. I used some of my Juicy points at the Snow Park in Niagara Falls – our group had 4 adults and 4 kids – with tax we paid $50 for everyone. The Juicy reward is a B1G1 offer for admission. The kids had a blast and the moms saved some big $$.

  7. I just wanted to thank you for making printing possible on the deals. It makes it much easier to shop and use coupons.

    • Great, I am so glad it’s helping! I know how crazy it can get when you try to print one of these posts. Thanks for the feedback, it’s much appreciated!

  8. Seize the Deal – I participated in the Salvatores buy, and just used the certificate last night for our anny – it went wonderfully – no exculsions or weird terms – i would definately buy into more Seize the Deal certificates –

  9. Thanks for taking the time to post match-ups for Tops! I follow alot of blogs but most seem to be in the South or Midwest which is great for national deals, but it’s nice to have the local information! Thanks so much. I look forward to following your site and saving money!

    • Hi Sue, thank-you so much and welcome! I am so sorry I would have responded earlier but my computer has just been a mess! Can’t wait to start getting updates and saving money with all you!

  10. hELLO THERE!!
    I am a former Buffaloian who moved south four years ago. Since then i have been heavily involved in couponing for financial and fun purposes. I have been SEARCHING for a site that could help my family in Buffalo and now i found it!!! thank you so much for putting up the tops matchups!!!

    Great Job!

    • Hi Bernadette, thank-you so much and welcome! Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I’m so glad you found us and I look forward to posting many more money saving deals for us WNY’ers :)

  11. Just found your site and love it! Will you be posting Wegmans deals? thanks for all your hard work : )

    • Hi Carol, thank-you for enjoying the website Funny that you ask about Wegmans. I just decided this week to start looking into getting pricing at Wegmans to do matchups. I dont live near a Wegmans but I’m not happy with Tops and their pricing so it’s time to check them out! I plan on starting Wegmans weekly matchups very soon.

  12. Tricia your blog is a gem…I loved your rant on the Extreme Coupon show..I felt the same way. I have been a pretty active coupon-er for about 12 years now but never buy more then my family can consume in a month or two…Thank You for all your work definitely does not go unappreciated! I hope that I will be able to share some deals with you too :)

    • @Carolyn…thank-you so much for the kinds words and support. I surely loe doing the blog and hope to have lots of money saving deals, tips and tricks to share with everyone :-)

  13. I have a question, last night on extreme couponers the lady used a BOGO free coupon and a cents off coupon to use for 2 items. I didn’t think you were allowed to do that. Can you?

    • It depends on the store policy. I personally do not use a BOGO coupon with a cents of coupon for the one I’m purchasing. That’s not something that Tops or Wegmans, Rite Aid or I believe Target will allow. If I’m not correct about those stores, someone please feel free to correct me.


  14. i bought 20 buffalo papers this week and only had one smartsource insert in there I had to buy the Olean Paper to get my red plum :(

  15. is there coupons this week

    • Sorry I was so busy yesterday I didn’t get a chance to post anything. Jackie.. what coupons are you looking for? Thanks

      • Oh it is okay, I was wondering if there was any inserts this week but I got a post and there is gonna be P AND G I thought they usually didn’t do them due to the holiday but yeh for us :)

  16. Hi Tricia,
    I just wanted to let you know about some information I have gathered in regards to this week’s scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaning starter kit deal at Walmart. I recently went to the Walmart in Niagara Falls and Lockport to find them out of stock on what I thought was the “3.97 starter kit” deal featured in this week’s ad (10/2-10/8). Though I was able to locate an empty shelf of One Step Starter Kit (8.97) I was unable to find a price that matched the 3.97 deal. Today I visited the Walmart in Albion to find the same thing. I asked the store manager to help me find the item and she couldn’t find it anywhere in the store either so she took to the back room to look further. After about 20 minutes she arrived at the conclusion the starter kits in the ad are different that the full price ones (8.97) on the shelf and that the Walmarts in the area haven’t gotten them in yet. So…she graciously gave me the ones at 8.97 for the 3.97 price which I then had the 4.00 coupons for!! So I was able to get 4 starter kits valued at 35.88 for FREE.. and they owed me .12!!!!! Anyway, I just wanted to post this since I have finally discovered the Scrubbing Bubbles mystery!

    • I don’t know why but my silly blog comment put this post in the wrong spot :( ugghh anyway awesome deal Patty.. I’m glad the mystery was solved and too your benefit. I am so excited about the new Super Walmart we are getting.. So many matchups could be done once that’s built!

      • Absolutely—I live in Barker so I sometimes go to the Super Walmart in Albion. Their prices there are just REMARKABLE in comparison to Tops—Breyer’s ice cream is ALWAYS 2.98 a half gallon and many other items are MUCH cheaper–Tops may have to get REALLY competitive to stay in the game. One question–Do you know if a catalina from tops can be used in conjunction with a manufacturer’s coupon or a Tops coupon???

        • Patty.. that’s what I have been hearing about Walmart, plus you can price match so Tops definitely has to reinvent itself to stay in competition. I Can’t Wait :-)

          If you have a $ off Cataline ($5.00 off your next purchase), you can use that just like cash so it can be paired with a manufacturer and store coupon. If the Catalina is for $ off an actual product, those are uually manufacturer coupons with can’t be combined with another manuf coupon. Hope that helps!

          • Actually, last week I received MANY catalinas at checkout- which isn’t typical and they say SAVE 1.00 ON YOUR NEXT PURCHASE OF PAPER TOWELS, ANY SIZE ANY BRAND. Kind of weird, but I wanted to use it this week on the Bounty deal. I’ve never seen any like them. I also received the same thing for bar soap.

  17. Hey Tricia I got free gas last week woot woot $105.00 dollars for free from TOPS in Bradford Pa

  18. Hi Tricia, I LOVE your website—It is SOOO helpful. Quick question–on the Tops deals this week, Do you think they will accept the Nestle Hot cocoa mix coupon for .55?? The coupon states: Save .55 off any one Nextle Hot cocoa canister (27.7oz) or Premium Cocoa (Dark or Caramel). I don’t think that the regular pouches qualify.
    Thanks for your help!

    • the coupon I printed says any size any flavor?? the picture shows the canister but no where on it does it state sizes or flavors…I will post if I have any problems at the store tomorrow…

      • My coupon says the same Rochelle. It specifically states ANY Size ANY flavor. I will certainly update the post tomorrow depending on the outcome. Just everyone keep in mind every store is different even though they may all be Tops. Thanks Rochelle!

    • Hi Patty! Thanks so much for the kind words. For the coupon, my coupon printed as Save $0.55 on any 1 (1) Nestle Hot Cocoa (any size, any flavor). So my guess is once this coupon hit on the bigger bloggers and more people printed, they changed it. Mine has no specifics on kinds.

  19. i just have to say i really love your tops spot. you find more deals then i do and i work there lol. thanks for all the help. its really nice to find a match up for tops. even in buffalo.

  20. Is there inserts this week?

  21. I would like to be a part of your coupon train #2 if you still have “seats” available. I was on train #1 and really had a ball. Thanks Michelle

  22. hey i wanted to let you know about the great deal i just got at target!! i found the deal on the totally target website and i was bummed because i thought it was expired but i decided to got to target and try to get the deal anyways. they have Crayola Pop Art Pixies- they are b1g1 and on price cut of 10.49 each annnndddd there is a 4 dollar off coupon thru the crayola facebook page. I got all the information from totally target from december 17th but i went today and the deal was still on!

  23. have you ever used I saw a commercial on tv last night and checked it out- it is on channel 7 website powered by but is a different link then going directly to their site because I was able to print coupons that I had already reached my limit on. I was able to print the snackers coupon again – I had already used all my coupons but do have a raincheck so now have coupons to use with it :)

  24. Hey Tricia, I have been reading your blog for a couple months now and it is really helpful, thanks! I have NO income right now (lost my job and my partner is in school) so anything I can save helps. I know you mentioned a coupon train in some of your posts and I have been in one before. Can I join if it is still going? I have baby/pet etc coupons and coupons for food and cleaning products that I don’t use.

    • Hi Galena, I’m so sorry to hear about your hardship but hope I can help provide savings to help you get through a difficult time. We are nearing the last half of the 2nd Train, then I will start another. So I will surely keep you posted. Good Luck.

  25. I am interested in the morningstar coupons, my daughter changed to vegan recently and she loves these. best price I’ve seen so far. Let me know how much. Thank you.

  26. Hey Tricia does Tops accept Military coupons?

  27. on Tops market e-coupons there is a load buy 2 get 1 free digiornos pizza coupon, can you stack it with the one coming in the sunday coupon inserts ?

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