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Tops Ad Scan Preview 10/2 – 10/8

Yay… Woohoo.. Wowza.. Dollar Doublers are back this week at Tops! Can you tell how much I LOVE these weeks :-)

Thanks again to Jen at SimplyFamilySavings, the Tops ad for 10/2 – 10/8 is ready :-) . Just head over here to see the post and review each page of the ad starting Sunday 10/2!

Anyone that is new to TFF or couponing at Tops usually we can really stock up during Tops $1 Coupon Doubler weeks. You can take a manufacturer coupon for $1 and stack that with the Tops $1 Doubler to get $2.00 off! Only 4 per transaction with a minimum of a $15 purchase.

I wish I had time right now to look over the ad but we have Open House tonight for my youngest daughter.. I can forsee me staying up a little bit late tonight :-)


14 Responses to Tops Ad Scan Preview 10/2 – 10/8

  1. Thank You Tricia!
    I have had a hard time keeping myself away from the flyer today! Looks like a great week coming up!

  2. There are some Pepsi printables (and in Sunday’s paper I think) that will make for some very cheap/maybe even free Pepsi/Sierra Mist!!!

  3. I am new to shopping at Tops, will they let you use two coupons on a BOGO deal since you are getting two items? Or even a coupon off two (like $1/2) on a BOGO deal? Or even next week they have the meal deals, can you use coupons off the items that come free? I moved from the south where we have Publix and Winn Dixie and they all let you do that but it seems harder up here to coupon with Wegmans and Tops.

    • Amanda you are right it’s harder here to get the kind of great deals you can in other states. As far as BOGO sales.. you can only use 1 coupon, they will not allow a second coupon on the free one (which was a new change this year and it’s a bummer :-( ).. But yes you can use $1.00/2 coupon on a BOGO sale. At Tops you cannot use a coupon on a Free Item, so we don’t get a “rollover” that can be used to help lower the other groceries such as meat that I know other grocery stores do. Although even with the stricter coupon policy, I save on average 75% every week at Tops :-)

      I hope that helps.

  4. I’ll be curious to see what the ad says. The last time these Pepsi coupons were out, Tops actually showed scenarios in their ad where you could use a BOGO coupon and a $1/1 coupon together. Unless the have changed something in the last few months, I would give it a try.

  5. I specifically asked the manager if I can use two coupons on a BOGO sale. And she said “sure, no problem!”, all cashiers at my Tops seem to be instructed to do so. Also, my Tops accepts internet coupons for free items, including BOGO. I guess I am lucky.

    • Irina, which Tops do you shop at? I haven’t found a real problem yet with using two coupons, however, I typically seek out the teenage boy cashiers who will put anything through :)

  6. I am in Rochester. Yes, I always look for young guys and girls. There is this one older lady who will read EVERY coupon, dig into packed bags to look for this item and compare it with coupon.

    • Irina I do the same here as far as cashiers go. Both transactions I had today though were held up by the cashier to “double check” them with the manager. Ugghh

  7. Will the $10.00 Catalina print out if you pay with a $10.00 Catalina? I would like to do 2 of the Spend $30.00 and get $10.00 I just don’t know if it will print a 2nd time?

    • Jen, just looking over the ad it does not specify a limit on Catalina’s, but whether you can use the same catalina offer to receive another, I am not sure. I would try the transaction and if the second Catalina doesn’t print, then go to customer service and let them know your Catalina didn’t print for the Fill Up Your Freezer Sale and they can refund you the $10.

  8. There is a margherita coupon out for $1/1 any prepackaged…mine came from the bflo paper! Combined with the doubler its FREE!!!

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